19 Best Gifts For DJs (Under $150)

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If you're not a DJ yourself, it can be pretty daunting trying to find the best gifts for DJs.

But don't worry, we've got your back.

This list of best gifts for DJs is so cool that we had to hide our credit cards from ourselves while compiling it.

Let's jump in…

Best Gifts For DJs

In no particular order…

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Earplugs

gift ideas for djs earplugs

Safety first people, safety first.

Great hearing is the most important thing a DJ has, and once it's gone, it's gone forever.

But, that said, it's never too late to start protecting those all important ears.

Even if your DJ pal, girlfriend, brother, or whoever, has not been bothering with earplugs, well, they can start today!

These Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs are affordable and don’t make it sound like you’re underwater.

Probably one of the last things your DJ buddy might be expecting as a gift, but they will thank you further down the line…

…when they don't have tinnitus.


Here's a super affordable and cool DJ gift…providing the DJ in your life is using vinyl of course.

So long as they are using Vinyl, this is a gift that's always appreciated.

If these aren't quite cool enough for your liking, pick a pair that you can get customised with a name or logo

Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth

A USB stick?

A cool gift for DJ's?


For any DJ mainly playing digital, losing a USB stick can be disastrous!

The Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth is the daddy of ISB sticks and no DJ should be without a couple in their bag.

Made with aircraft-grade aluminium, it is waterproof and shockproof.

Plus, it stands out in a crowd so won't blend in with other DJ’s USB sticks.

DropMix Board Game

Here’s a fun DJ gift to open on Christmas Day morning, or any other morning come to think of it.

DropMix is a quick-moving board game for up to 4 players, that you'll need a smartphone or tablet to play.

Developed by Hasbro and Harmonix, creators of Rock Band and Dance Central, the game lets players create mashups and remixes bu using playing cards on the DropMix board.

Great to fun to play after a couple of festive drinks.

Logitech 930

Well this one looks a whole lot more grown up doesn't it?

The Logitech 930 is an entry level webcam for DJs looking at getting into streaming their live mixes.

This is a full HD webcam that records videos in 1080p quality and comes with a bunch of settings that assist in panning, zooming, and tilting.

For the crazy low price this is perfect for any DJs early adventures in streaming.

Serato DJ Pro Software

Now you will have to do a bit of homework with this one.

Because with an entry level price of $149, you don't want to be gifting this only to find that your ungrateful DJ recipient isn't using the required compatible hardware.

If they are, and they are also in your ear on the regular, about wanting to get into DJing with Serato, this is well worth the money.

DJ Pro is the most popular DJ software globally, it is feature rich and renowned for its usability and outstanding reliability.

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life: The History Of The Disc Jockey

One of the best non-fiction books I’ve ever read.

An outstanding gift for DJs, aspiring DJs, record collectors, lovers of dance music.

Totally exhaustive and brilliantly written, authors Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton know, and love, what they are on about. 

I absolutely promise you, that if you gift this to a DJ, they will love it.

Daft Punk 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – Around The World

Nothing quite says Boxing Day afternoon like a jigsaw puzzle.

And a Daft Punk jigsaw puzzle, well that says you've put a bit of thought into your present buying.

Old-Skool fun.

Evermix MixBox II Recorder

This snazzy little piece of kit records the output from a DJ mixer, or controller, and sends it to an Evermix app an iPhone, all perfectly ready for upload.

Recording live mixes has never been so easy.

So popular that the company has been struggling to meet demand ever since it was first released in 2018.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Synths

Mini synthesisers that look like calculators.

Why did nobody think of this sooner?

Drums, bass, lead synths, all waiting to be and sync'd together for an analogue jam with friends.

Gift one of these genius inventions to the DJ in your life, and they will quite literally never be bored again.

Reloop Neon USB Modular Pad Controller

This is a little bundle of joy.

What DJ wouldn't be happy getting a brand-new drum pad, so that they can add new sound FX and loops to their mixes.

This Reloop works with most popular DJ software (but do check) and will help your DJ create sounds that are totally unique and that would be difficult to create with a standard setup.

With 8 customisable drum pads, any DJ who knows about MIDI will be up and running with this little gem in a matter of minutes.

Transcend 1 StoreJet External Hard Drive

Every digital DJ needs disk space.

This is why DJs love hard drives.

With 1TB of space (which is an awful lot), this hard drive will be enough for pretty much any DJ.

Honestly, it's the modern day equivalent of building and extension on your DJ pals house to keep their vinyl in.

Coasters Set of 6 Colorful Retro Vinyl Record Disk Coaster for Drinks

Super cheap, super fun.

I mean, if this is for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife etc., and it's meant as anything more than a stocking filler, you could be in serious bother here.

But assuming that's not the case, assuming you're not gifting these to someone who will be spending a few hundred bucks on you, as their main present…

…super fun!

MAGMA Riot DJ Backpack Lite

The Backpack Lite is the smallest bag that Magma do, but it's one of the best designed DJ bags on the market.

Primarily for laptop DJs, it can carry a up to a 17-inch laptop, laptop stand, plus 12-inch control vinyl.

It also has loads of extra compartments for stuff like sound cards, headphones and cables.

And it's 100% waterproof…and it fits under an airline seat…

…and it will probably last forever because it's made in Germany.

DJ Bruce Lee T-Shirt

DJing is cool.

Bruce Lee is cool.

This t-shirt is super-cool.


12″ Serato Control Vinyl – Black (PAIR)

If your DJ buddy is DJing with a DVS (Digital Vinyl System), and using Serato software, these will go down a treat.

If they're not using that specific setup, these will be getting chucked out with the wrapping paper.

TISINO 1/4 inch to 3.5mm Stereo Adapter

The number 1 item lost by DJs.

Dropped on the floor, there is nothing known to man that will roll further.

So, given that they are both absolutely essential, and get lost all the time…

…a DJ can never have enough of them.

This high-quality adapter is bigger and better-looking than most, so maybe it will be a little less easy to lose.

DJ Baby Groot Mixing Deck + Sun Glasses T Shirt

Shall we do this again?

DJing is cool.

Baby Groot is cool…

Okay, you get the picture…next…

Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ Cartridge and Stylus

Beautiful to look at and beautiful to DJ with.

The Concorde DJ is a jack-of-all-trades with its outstanding sound reproduction and excellent groove handling.

The Ortofon Concorde DJ is great for any style of music.

Please keep in mind that this is for one cartridge with pre-installed stylus, not a pair.

Best Gifts For DJs – Wrapping It Up!

19 gift ideas for the DJ in your life.

And every one a nailed-on winner.

Happy shopping, and happy gifting!

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