How To Store Vinyl Records – 5 Simple Tips!

The correct way to store of vinyl records is something that most people take for granted, or simply do not understand at all.

But the reality is, that if you don’t find out how to store vinyl records properly, they will not stay in great condition for very long.

There are a few key tips to follow if you want to prolong the life of your beloved vinyl collection.

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How To Store Vinyl Records

Storing vinyl records well is not particularly difficult.

But, there are some important principles that must be understood to store them for both the short and long term, without causing them any damage.

Here are the most crucial factors to consider when storing your records so that they continue to play well, every single time you listen to them.

TL;DL Summary: 

Vinyl records must be stored in a low-humidity and low-temperature environment, out of direct sunlight. Records should be stored vertically in stacks of no more than 15 to reduce the pressure on the records. Always store records in plastic, anti-static sleeves for the best protection.

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#1. Keep the Temperature and Humidity Low

High temperature and humidity are enemies of vinyl records.

If records become too hot or too humid, they will warp, and the groove can become damaged or even collapse.

Try to keep your records in an area that experiences temperatures that are slightly below regular room temperature and with humidity no higher than 40%.

Around 30% humidity is ideal for vinyl records.

#2. Protect the Records from Sunlight

Sunlight, and other sources of UV light, are seriously damaging to vinyl records over prolonged periods of time.

This type of light breaks down vinyl over time and can lead to your vinyl becoming brittle.

When storing your vinyl records, be sure to store them in a dark place or at least out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

If you don’t have that kind of space available, using light-blocking sleeves and containers does this job well.

#3. Limit the Pressure Put on the Records

Vinyl records are rigid, but the polyvinyl chloride from which these records are made will deform and breakdown under pressure.

This means that if you store your records stacked on top of one another, or if you store other things on top of them (which would be completely crazy anyway)…

the vinyl will deform over time, the records will warp, the grooves will change, and the records will become totally unplayable.

Always store vinyl records upright, and be sure not to store them at an angle or tilting to one side, as this will also cause unnecessary pressure if there are multiple records stored together.

Even when records are stored upright, they must be kept in stacks of no more than 15, with an air gap between each stack.

This will limit the pressure put on your records and help them last much longer.

#4. Use Record Storage Dividers

The best way to keep records safe when storing them upright is to use record storage dividers.

These dividers are available for dividing single records or batches of records and ensure that the records remain perfectly vertical and prevent them from leaning up against one another.

This is one of the simplest ways to make sure your records stay in top condition and that your vinyl will sound better than music on other formats!

#5. Always Store Vinyl Records in Sleeves

The last tip we’ve got is to always keep your vinyl records in good quality sleeves.

The best way to achieve this is to store the records within acid-free paper inner sleeves inside of their main record sleeve.

In addition to this, you should then store the entire item within an outer plastic sleeve as well.

This will protect the records from humidity, light, dirt, dust, and even temperature, especially if the sleeves are anti-static.

Wrapping it Up!

Storing your vinyl records correctly will significantly extend their lifespan and keep them perfectly playable indefinitely.

Take steps to store your records well, and they will last you a lifetime.

Take care of your records, and they will always be ready for you when you want to listen to them.

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