The 7 Best Female Techno DJs…And Where To Find Them!

Techno is awesome!

And right now, the music world is pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to outrageously talented female techno DJs.

It’s a great problem to have.

But if you simply can’t find the time to see all of the top female techno DJs out there…

…why not simply pick a few from our list of just seven, which we’ve hand-curated with much love.

This isn’t some AI-spewed-out garbage list that has been put together in ten minutes.

Read and enjoy!

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7 Best Female Techno DJs…and Where to Find Them!

#1. Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte, born in 1992 in Ghent, Belgium, and now known for her trademark brand of dark, stripped-back acid and minimal techno.

Way back in 2010, she initially performed under the alias ‘Raving George’ to avoid gender bias in the industry.

Ironically, her DJ journey took a big positive turn when she adopted her real name in 2015, and at the same time made the shift towards a more techno-based sound.

Now a leading figure in the techno scene, founding the labels KNTXT and Époque and earning big-time gongs such as the ‘World’s Best Techno DJ’ at the DJ Awards.

But don’t just take everyone else’s word for it. Get out there and see her play a set for yourself.

You won’t regret a single moment, because she is awesome!

Here’s five-and-a-half minutes of her awesomeness right now:

DJ Style: Techno, Acid Techno, Trance

Where You Can Find Her: For pretty much all of 2024, mainly in the U.S.A., Mexico, Germany, Spain, London

#2. Amelie Lens

Amelie Lens, born 1990, in Vilvoorde, Belgium.

She’s a top techno DJ, record producer, and owner of the Lenske record label.

Her sound is full-bore…fast, frenetic, furious…exactly how proper techno should be!

Banging hard techno, but with a rhythmic groove, that’s her thing and what makes her unique and one the most loved techno DJs around.

I love DJs who look like they’re having as much fun as the crowd when they play.

Here’s a few minutes that look like they were fun:

DJ style: Banging Hard Techno

Where You Can Find Her: Regularly across Europe and often in the U.S.

#3. Anfisa Letyago

Born in Siberia (sounds cold) but later adopting Naples as her home, Anfisa Letyago has emerged as a serious force on the techno scene.

Anfisa was first inspired to DJ by a Marco Carola’s techno set in Naples​.

Her career really took off in 2018 after meeting Carl Cox, who became the first major electronic act to support her music.

Cox’s backing propelled her onto the global stage, and further support from industry heavyweights like Adam Beyer and Charlotte de Witte was to quickly follow.

Here’s some:

DJ style: Techno, Acid Techno, Trance, Goa Trance

Where You Can Find Her: Regularly across Europe and often in the U.S.

#4. Ellen Allien

A veteran (if that’s not too rude to say) of the Berlin techno scene.

Ellen Allien has been pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music (EDM) for a long time.

Her innovative sound and pioneering approach have made her an influential figure in techno, loved and respected by peers and fans alike.

DJ style: Techno

Where you can find her: Regularly across Europe and occasionally in the U.S.

#5. Helena Hauff

Raw, unpolished, dark, industrial, that’s the way Helena Hauff likes her techno.

And if you’re going to see her play, you’d better too.

She’s one of the few big-name DJs who is still using vinyl, and for that, we love her just a little bit more than we already did.

Go find her. You’ll be glad you did!…unless classical music is your thing, in which case, you’ll be absolutely appalled.

Try this out for size:

DJ style: Techno

Where you can find her: Regularly across Europe and occasionally in the U.S.

#6. ØTTA

Is it techno? Is it trance? Is it UK garage? Is it samba percussion something or other?

It’s all of the above, goddammit!

And it’s awesome!

Tear down those boundaries, stop worrying yourself about what EDM genre, subgenre, sub-subgenre øtto’s sound fits into.

It’s a really hard skill to be able to cross genres and also keep drive and direction in your sets. Well, I say it’s hard, but not for Øtta by the looks of it.

Check out her Boiler Room set in Manchester (wish I’d been there, looks fun):

DJ style: Techno, Trance, Psy Trance…plus other stuff!

Where You Can Find Her: Europe, Australia, the U.S.

#7. Rebekah

Rebekah’s been DJing for quite a while now, and she has got better and better over time.

Full-bore, unrelenting techno is what you’re going to get.

DJ style: Techno

Where You Can Find Her: All over Europe

Wrapping it Up!

There is no wrap-up!

Was that not enough for you?

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