Epic DJ Fail! Don’t Ever Do This!

Looks like this guy is in some kind of DJ competition.

And if you ever wanted a better real life example of why you should never pre-plan a set, this has got to be it.

I’ve seen a few comments on YouTube that the crowd are to blame for being such a lame bunch…and that he had no chance because they just weren’t up for it.

Not in my eyes.

This is simply what happens when you have got your whole set already decided on, before you even leave your bedroom.

I’ve arrived at clubs before and the crowd are just flat. You’re hoping to hell that the DJ on before you is going to start energising them before you get on the decks.

But when that doesn’t happen it’s you’re job as a DJ to ease them into the night…and you don’t do that by jumping up there and belting out the bangers right from the get go!


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